Adam Tyler the Chief Executive of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), is to stand down after 11 years.

An NACFB statement said “When Tyler arrived, the Association was run from a small office above a Gift Shop in Exeter with one member of staff looking after 400 members and 48 Patrons. Over the past 11 years Adam has, with the input of a Board of volunteer members, guided and nurtured the Association to its current position in the commercial financial arena. 

Today the NACFB is a highly successful central London based Association with 14 staff representing a membership of 1600 across all the commercial finance disciplines supported by over 140 industry Patrons. In addition, the NACFB successfully run the only true commercial finance expo from the Birmingham NEC attended by more than 1700 visitors in 2016 and arguably also the best industry Gala Dinner. Adam Tyler has undoubtedly made a major contribution to the Association’s success and enhanced its recognition within Westminster, its reputation with the Regulator and its national profile over his long tenure.

There has been a significant change in the roles and responsibilities of the Association and the majority of roles within Hamilton House are now being filled by new members of staff. The challenges of the financial crisis of 2008, and the relocation of the Association to its head office in Hamilton House have been quickly followed by the most significant changes our sector has faced in living memory with the transfer of responsibility for monitoring the Consumer Credit legislation to the FCA in 2014. As we now enter the next phase of FCA activity away from admissions and into supervision and oversight of our members, Adam and the Board feel new leadership is needed to drive the Association forward to the next stage of its growth.

After 11 years of loyal service, Adam Tyler has a new challenge on the horizon, one that means he will be able to spend more quality time with his wife, Julie and the family rather than weeks away at a time from home catching trains, planes and travelling the length and breadth of the UK meeting with our members and Patrons to promote and further the Associations cause.

We are therefore announcing that Adam Tyler will be leaving the Association with effect from 31st December 2016. We are sure you will join the Board both past and present in thanking him for his work over the years and wishing him all the very best for the future.”

Association Chairman, Paul Goodman said “The NACFB and I wish Adam well for his future endeavours and I am looking forward to working with Adrian Coles, my Vice Chairman, and the rest of the Board ‎during this next chapter of the Association’s history.”