Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water has announced increased support to help fund lower bills for low-income households over the next year to £7 million.

The £7 million of additional funding covers the company’s flagship social tariff, HelpU, and other support to build on a large number of low-earning customers already accessing support to pay their bills – with around 90,000 of those genuinely struggling receiving support. The company is well ahead of schedule to meet its target of supporting more than 100,000 by 2020 and is currently an industry leader in supporting low-earning households to pay their bills.

Welsh Water Chief Executive Chris Jones said: “Today’s investments are a direct benefit of our unique not-for-profit way of working, which allows us to invest the money we make back into the business and to benefit our customers. Our increased support of £7 million for our lowest-earning customers demonstrates our continuing commitment to supporting those who genuinely struggle to pay their bills – something which our customer consultations have shown is a strong priority for the people we serve.”

“We will continue to work with a wide range of agencies and support organisations to promote our social tariffs to those that need help, while pursuing those who could pay, but choose not to, so that everyone pays their fair share.”

Tom Taylor, Chair of the Consumer Council for Water in Wales, said: “Even the smallest increase in bills can be a tipping point for customers that are already struggling to pay so we are very pleased to see Welsh Water investing more in supporting households on a low income.”

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