Collections Strategies for 2021.

Thursday 16th September 9.30am – 14.00

The third Online Collections Technology Think Tank will feature a number of discussions to understand the best possible collection strategies in 2021.

The Think Tank’s aim is to create an engaging environment with the aim of enabling all participants to learn about change within collections and the role technology and innovation has to play in an everchanging environment. The last event was attended by over 280 collections professionals across four streams

What lessons can be learned from the pandemic lockdown and the business change it has produced as we hope to remain free from lockdown constraints through the autumn and winter.

Lenders, creditors and collections specialists will discuss, debate and dissect regulatory and thematic business challenges as a result of the pandemic which has economically impacted household finances but collections processes and strategies.

The Online Think Tank will focus on how collections teams can improve profit and loss using technology. The event will aim to arm attending companies with strategies that can be implemented in their business to enable maximum business returns.

The event will focus on panel discussions across a number of thematic collections issues with the aim of problem-solving and examining how companies can utilise people and technological innovations effectively as we move into a new way of working.


Qualifying Collections professionals include:

Banks, Building Societies, Credit Card providers, Utility companies, Mortgage and Loan companies, High-Cost short Term Lenders, Home Credit providers, Motor Finance providers, Telecoms & Media providers, Debt Purchasers, Debt Collection Agencies, Debt Advice specialists plus other collections professionals.



  • 9.30am: Opening remarks from Credit Connect and Chair. Introduction and overview of the event line-up.
  • SPEAKERS: Colin White, Founding Director, Credit Connect and Event Chair: Vanessa Northam, Head of Strategic Relationships, StepChange
  • 9.40am: Customer Engagement  The importance of communications. Getting your company’s messaging and communications strategy right will be of key importance as we enter, what could be, a fragile economic climate for consumers SPEAKERS: Gary Moffat, Customer Debt Operations Manager at British Gas,  Jim Appleby, Managing Director at Arrow Global, Amon Ghaiumy, Co-Founder and CEO at Ophelos, Mark Oppermann, Co-Founder – Head Of Sales & Marketingat Webio.

10.25am BREAK


  • 10.45am: Assessing affordability using data segmentation. The importance of using data in the best way to maintain best customer outcomes  Can data really identify vulnerable customers?  SPEAKERS: Alex Woodcraft, Director of Custome Engagement at GAIN Credit, Denise Crossley, Chief Executive Officer at Lantern, Frank Sherlock, International Vice President at CallMiner.

11.30am BREAK


  • 11.55am: Open Banking and future technology – The discussion will examine whether open banking  technology and other types of technology  are being effectively implemented into collections SPEAKERS: Tom Feest, Head of Collections & Recoveries at PSA Finance. Andrew Alder, Director of Development and Partnerships at Paylink Solutions, Angus Clacher, Head of Product at Credit Kudos



  • 1.05pm  Business Transformation. What is the future for collections?  This discussion will discuss how business transformation can be achieved and adapted in what is currently an unpredictable climate. How can technology such as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI)) Robotic process automation help collections processes SPEAKERS:  Mehmet Akseki, Managing Director at Ceverine, Adam Simpson, Global Head of Digital Strategy at Phillips & Cohen, Kevin Still, Director at DEMSA, John Storrie, Operations & Strategy Director at Arvato Financial Solutions.
  • 1.50pm: Closing remarks 

2pm: Event close


Why collections specialists should register to view this ‘FREE to attend’ event:

      • Educational: Learn from peers and sharing of ideas and take away key industry opinions and learn about new technology
      • Benchmarking: This is a great opportunity for attending companies to evaluate collections strategy and review comparison to their peers 
      • Unique format: our unique format enables participants to network extensively, discuss, debate and dissect topical issues
      • Discover something new: experience new technologies, innovations, and services that are available to help to transform your collections plans, increase productivity and make better decisions 
      • Join the community: expand their network in a new and engaging environment

Call 01622 437014 or email to register your space. Limited attendance

Speakers include:

  • Gary Moffatt, Customer Debt Operations Manager, Centrica
  • Tom Feest, Head of Collections & Recoveries, PSA Finance,
  • Jim Appleby, Managing Director, Arrow Global
  • Amon Ghaiumy, Co-Founder and CEO, Ophelos
  • Denise Crossley, Chief Executive Offier, Lantern
  • Adam Simpson, Global Head of Digital Strategy, Phillips & Cohen
  • Kevin Still, Program Manager, William Alexander Consulting
  • Andrew Alder, Director of Development and Partnerships, Paylink Solutions
  • Mark Oppermann, Co-Founder – Head Of Sales & Marketing, Webio
  • Frank Sherlock, International Vice President, CallMiner
  • Vanessa Northam, Head of Strategic Relationships, StepChange

*Speaker profiles will be available on the event platform.

Partners and sponsors:

Event and Session sponsors:

CallMiner is a recognised leader in the speech analytics software industry, harvesting key customer and operational insights from multi- channel customer interactions. Uniting with our customers and partners, our platform drives contact centre efficiency, positive customer and employee experience and significant improvements in top and bottom-line corporate performance.

Paylink Solutions builds multi-award-winning digital affordability solutions for the collections and lending markets.

After solely providing in-house IT services to sister company and free debt advice provider, PayPlan, for 20+ years, Paylink Solutions now delivers digital applications to 20+ UK lenders, including high street banks and building societies – helping thousands of customers daily.

When Covid-19 hit, Paylink Solutions responded quickly to help clients manage the surge in customer and regulatory demands.

Paylink Collections and Paylink Lending were subsequently launched and include new features, such as digital triage, arrangement proposals to repay arrears and automating requests for future affordability assessments.

Webio supercharges customer engagement in collections by using the power of conversational AI to automate and blend Webio chatbots and your live agents to manage your customer conversations in messaging channels – SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, Messenger etc.

Webio enables our clients to positively engage with customers in smarter ways thus ensuring increased engagement rates and positive conversation outcomes. We improve liquidity by making difficult customer conversations easy.

Event sponsors:

Headquartered in London, Ceverine is a digital debt collection service provider aiming to change debt collection with socially responsible and machine-learning driven digital strategies. We offer early or late-stage outsourced collection services to lenders, utilities, telecommunication companies as well as other consumer invoicing businesses and state enterprises. We deliver revolutionary service design tailored to ensure perfect fit for our clients. We target better collection results, lower costs, increased customer satisfaction and operational simplicity.

Ophelos is a London-based technology company building products that nurture financially healthy and trusted relationships between customers and businesses. Our first product is a customer-centric debt management platform that digitises and automates the debt collection process. The platform allows customers to resolve their debts on their own terms and puts them on a path towards financial health, while providing enterprises with critical insights into their customers’ financial wellbeing.

Ophelos is authorised and regulated by the FCA for debt-collection activities and a Pending B Corporation.

Call 01622 437014 for details on sponsorship opportunities at the next event or email:

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What the attendees said:

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the Open Banking discussion, it was great content. Congratulations on a great event!” – Collections specialist United Utilities

“I really enjoyed Credit Connect’s Think Tank, great panelists and good insight into collections technology.” -Associate Director at Compliance Consultancy


Attendee Rates:

*The event will be free to attend for qualifying collections professionals. There will be a limited amount of tickets set aside for suppliers. The rate for suppliers will be £99+VAT. Qualifying collections professional status will be confirmed by Credit Connect based upon the company sector, current company and job title status.
Please note the event attendee list is limited in numbers so book early to ensure your place.