The government has published interim findings from its airline insolvency review.

The review set up in the wake of the collapse of charter operator Monarch last year includes changes to the insolvency regime Following the call for evidence, discussions at the public evidence sessions and initial analysis.

Findings of the review so far include that:

  • airline insolvency is not a trivial risk and has the potential to affect a large number of passengers
  • there is no one-size-fits-all solution to repatriating passengers when an airline fails, the best approach will depend on the airline and circumstances of the failure
  • the most effective option to repatriate passengers is to keep the fleet of an insolvent airline flying, however, this is not without considerable challenge, risk and expense

The interim report also sets out the programme of work the Airline Insolvency Review intends to undertake to inform its final recommendations later in 2018.

The latest report can be found here.