Enforcement agency Bristow & Sutor (B&S) has announced the formation of a new Independent Advisory Panel, to be chaired by Anthony Sharp of Anthony Sharp Associates. The industry-wide consultancy has been launched to discuss all matters relating to credit and debt collection.

The new Panel consists of experienced individuals drawn from the debt advice, regulatory and creditor sectors and their primary role will be to advise and scrutinise B&S’ senior leadership to ensure practice and procedures are aligned with the company’s mission, vision, values and commitments policy, resulting the utmost care and respect is applied in the treatment of debtors. Additionally, the Panel will serve as a final stage in our company’s complaints procedure, to whom individuals can refer to in any instance where they remain unsatisfied with our response and handling of their specific issue.

Anthony Sharp said “For an Enforcement company to create an independent advisory panel to oversee its operations is quite a rarity and this is precisely what Bristow & Sutor have just recently done. I commend them for taking this important step of opening themselves up to such independent scrutiny. I am proud indeed to be asked to chair this Panel of 5 experts drawn from a variety of relevant fields“

To ensure that the Panel becomes fully aware of all parts of the company’s operations, the panel members will experience the work of their Enforcement Agents on visits and have the opportunity of listening to telephone collection calls with debtors, as well as reviewing our compliance framework and associated policies.

Andy Rose, CEO, Bristow & Sutor said “I am delighted that we have been able to launch this initiative and that we have such a high calibre of Panel members. They will provide us with invaluable independent scrutiny and advice, to help us deliver on our commitment to be the most responsible, innovative and transparent provider of debt collection services in the UK.”