There was an almost 30 percent increase in the number of adverse county court judgments against incorporated businesses in England and Wales in 2018, according to figures released by Registry Trust.

The number of CCJs against incorporated businesses was up by 27 percent at 93,534, though this was counterbalanced by a fall in judgments against typically smaller unincorporated businesses which was one percent lower than in 2017 and is now the lowest annual figure on record at 31,849.

The average value of an adverse business CCJ grew 25 percent to £3,737, while the total value of business CCJs rose 49 percent to £468.6million.

During 2018 the average value of a CCJ against companies rose 27 percent compared to 2017, to £3,971, though the median value fell three percent to £952. The average value for unincorporated businesses rose by 15 percent to £3,052, with the median rising 10 percent to £1,149.

In the High Court 90 judgments were issued in 2018, a 70 percent increase from 2017’s record low, bringing the number back in line with 2015/16 figures. However, the total value of High Court judgments fell to £71.6million, the lowest annual figure on record. The average value of the high court judgments in 2018 fell by 60 percent to £795,666 and the median value at £10,022 had dropped 85 percent from the 2017 figure, which included a number of large value judgments against overseas companies.

Mick McAteer, deputy chairman of Registry Trust said: “The number of County Court Judgments issued in a year is an indicator of how the economy is performing. While the total of judgments against businesses was up significantly this was counterbalanced by the fall in judgments against unincorporated organisations, which was the lowest annual figure on record.”


  •      CCJs against all businesses 2018 (compared with 2017)

o    Total number: 125,383 (up 19 percent)

o    Total value: £468.6m (up 49 percent)

o    Average* value: £3,737 (up 25 percent)

o    Median: £1020 (up one percent)

  •      CCJs against incorporated businesses 2018 (compared with 2017)

o    Total number: 93,534 (up 27 percent)

o    Total value: £371.4m (up 61 percent)

o    Average* value: £3,971 (up 27 percent)

o    Median value: £952 (down three percent)

  •      CCJs against unincorporated businesses 2018 (compared with 2017)

o    Total number: 31,849 (down one percent) [lowest annual number on record]

o    Total value: £97.2m (up 14 percent)

o    Average* value: £3,052 (up 15 percent)

o    Median value: £1,149 (up 10 percent)

  •      High Court judgments against businesses 2018 (compared with 2017)

o    Total number: 90 (up 70 percent) [2017 figure lowest on record]

o    Total value: £71.6m (down 33 percent) [lowest annual figure on record]

o    Average* value: £795,666 (down 60 percent)

o    Median: £10,022 (down 85 percent)