The Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA), which represents all the major civil enforcement agencies along with a number of independents, is to host a major conference this September 20th at One Great George Street in Westminster.

The one-day event will include a conference and exhibition and will be free to delegates drawn primarily from local authorities.  A capacity audience of around 200 is confidently anticipated, with the sector facing renewed challenges in the post-Brexit vote economy.

Director General of CIVEA Vernon Phillips comments “Our 2017 conference will use the dynamic backdrop of the Brexit decision as part of the current scenario for our sector.  With average household debt now running at just under £13,000 and total UK unsecured debt at an all-time high of £350 billion, local authority budgets under renewed pressure, and an over-arching uncertainty for business and individuals about the economic prospects for the next few years, we can expect greater calls for our services along with associated demands for high standards and full accountability.

“We also recognise the need for correct balance between maximising returns during a time of fiscal pressure on creditors whilst providing protection to the most vulnerable who may have fallen into hardship. The conference will examine the challenges in maintaining this balance and the role that new technologies have in helping deliver a brave new enforcement world post April 2014 reforms and post-Brexit.”

The Conference will also discuss specifics such as a review of the 2014 enforcement reforms; local authority in-house enforcement; body worn video and data protection; debtor vulnerability; behavioural science applications; DPS standards contracts; current parking issues and non-domestic rate avoidance. The choice of One Great George Street, one of the capital’s most distinguished venues, to host the event, which will include lunch and access to the exhibition, is expected to provide further attraction for both delegates and commercial participation, with exhibition stands and sponsorships on offer.

Vernon Phillips concludes “Our members, our local authority guests and our supplier community share a common interest in attending this vital networking and sector event.  CIVEA represents a community of specialists whose work is vital to the work of revenues and benefits managers and no other sector event will deliver such an opportunity to learn about and discuss the key issues which will affect the industry over the next decade.”

Booking for the CIVEA conference can be made by going to the website at