The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has announced it has had to suspend its Transforming Compliance and Enforcement Programme (TCEP) enforcing court orders and collecting historic criminal debt will continue unchanged after further upgrades to the service, including systems and technology, were put on hold.

The plans are no longer affordable within the Ministry of Justice’s funding allocation for the 2015 spending review period. The Ministry of Justice says that work that is already underway has not been lost. “The new ways of working including better enforcement strategies and administration will continue to apply. In addition, focused work on the development of future service design will continue, so that we ensure it is ready should it be required in the future.”

In 2017/18, HMCTS successfully recovered more than £400m in fines, £59m more than the previous year, as well as collecting over £30m of historic debt, previously thought uncollectable. Contracts for Approved Enforcement Agency Services, announced in July 2018, are unaffected by this decision.

The Government is investing over £1 billion to transform the wider courts and tribunals system – making it quicker, more accessible and easier to use for all. TCEP was separately funded to the HMCTS reform programme.