Global trade credit insurance specialist Euler Hermes has released its open data platform for anyone to access, use and share its valuable data on international B2B trade and is committed to expanding it based on public request.

The public online data platform gives free access to the first dataset of around 1,800,000 data points collected by Euler Hermes over a three-year period (2016-2017-2018). Euler Hermes’ open data portal meets the highest standards: it is available via API or on the web with various options for manual processing and data visualisation The platform, hosted by OpenDataSoft, provides academics, journalists, data scientists and the like with the necessary data to carry out

From the early stages of the project, Euler Hermes sought to build bridges within and beyond the corporate world. The company collaborated with Professor Christophe Pérignon, Head of Research at the HEC Paris Business School to identify relevant data for academics, data scientists and economists:

Pérignon said “Euler Hermes’ willingness to share data is of tremendous value to the academic community. It means we are now able to work on real-life data from a large number of countries, thanks to Euler Hermes’ international presence. It is the first time that a large corporation reaches out to us with an open-access data project. This action in itself shows a strong sense of corporate social responsibility.”

Jennifer Baert*, Global Head of Information & Credit Risk at Euler Hermes said “Our goal in making the unique Euler Hermes data available to all is to create a community around international B2B trade data. We want to turn this data into action and help solve business challenges across sectors. Ultimately, we hope to set an example and encourage other companies to open data to better serve society.”