Investec Bank has acquired Amicus Commercial Finance.

In a statement, John Wilde Managing Director at Amicus Commercial Finance revealed the agreement he said “I will continue to lead the team and, operationally, it will be business as usual with all of our staff and processes remaining unchanged. Our focus will continue to be to provide you and all our clients with the strongest relationship and the best service that we possibly can. To ensure a smooth transition, we will retain the Amicus Commercial Finance brand for the next few months. In the New Year, once the integration within the Investec family is complete, we will fully integrate with the Investec brand. In the meantime, all of our contact details will remain the same.”

“Our business has grown rapidly since launch in 2015 and I am delighted that the services we offer will be complemented by Investec’s existing corporate lending capabilities enabling us to offer a wider range of services to all our valued customers. I believe that Investec and Amicus Commercial Finance are aligned from both a business and culture perspective and the capital available from Investec will fuel our continued success.”

Source: Business Money

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