Moore Stephens has announced that has become a Corporate Partner of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM).

The company has a network of offices throughout the UK. Its clients range from individuals and entrepreneurs, through to large organisations and complex international businesses.

Brendan Clarkson, Head of the National Creditor Services team at Moore Stephens says staff and partners have been involved with CICM in various ways for many years: “We all understand the Institute’s importance within the credit management sector. By becoming a Corporate Partner, we are looking to increase the support available to the credit community and increase our visibility through the many channels that CICM provides.”

“Credit managers and the wider industry face a number of challenges, and the CICM provides the perfect platform to promote the events, factsheets and forums that will help them overcome these challenges today and in the future.”

Philip King, Chief Executive of the CICM said “Moore Stephens’ national creditor services team has expert insight into insolvency and debt related issues, which combined with its industry and sector knowledge, enables it to assist creditors in recovering outstanding debts,”

“CICM members will be able to learn more about Moore Stephens’ services as well as having access to insolvency/debt related advice from members of the team which will be of vital support for the work they undertake.”