A new 5-day conference for the commercial credit sector has been launched by Credit Connect in partnership with Aon

The Credit Solution Conference, a 5-day event will take place online between Monday 7th December and Friday 11th December.

The event content will be hosted by Aon and the event will be facilitated by Credit Connect Media. The new conference will give Financial Directors (FDs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Credit Managers the tools and tips to help enable them to be stronger and more resilient in 2021.

The event will be FREE to attend for qualifying credit professionals.

By registering for this 5-day event, the attendees will gain access to numerous hours of on-demand content as well as access to daily live webinar panel discussions and speaking sessions. The conference has been designed so that gives attendees full flexibility.

The event will cover key areas forecasting outlooks for 2021 with leading economists joining the debate on Brexit. The key themes of risk outlook, technology will also be debated.

To reserve your space at the conference click here.

The agenda includes high profile speakers which include TV News presenter Declan Curry, former Rugby Union player and coach (Italy coach between 2016-19) Conor O’Shea and Justin Hughes from the Red Arrows

More speakers and an updated agenda will be available soon.

Chair of the event, Aon’s Ian Leslie said ”2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, for a variety of different reasons. The only certainty going into 2021 is uncertainty, and that will make business planning and achieving your objectives difficult. We’ve set this conference up to be a gateway for innovation, advice and insight to allow you to be stronger and more resilient in 2021. We haven’t got all the answers, no one does, but we do hope that everyone who attends can gain one piece of knowledge they didn’t have before. Utilising the WorkCast platform we can truly deliver a conference experience like no other. This conference for me epitomises our current work-life balance, by giving people a 5 day conference they can access completely on-demand. I’m really excited for it to begin and I truly believe it’ll create real value for the attendees”

Colin White Founding Director at Credit Connect Media said “I am really excited to be partnering with Aon on this new and exciting virtual event. We have some excellent high profile names who will be speaking alongside commercial credit management specialists. It’s a conference built around the end-user, allowing them to have a full on-demand service.”

If you would like to get involved in the event there are limited opportunities to become a speaker or review the remaining options to sponsor the conference then please call Colin White 01622 437014 or email colin.white@credit-connect.co.uk

More information on the event can be found on the Conference webpage by clicking here. More details will be confirmed soon.