Rimilia has announced that they will co-host an executive event with Microsoft that advises CFOs and CIOs how to use artificial intelligence to improve their financial operations and increase cash. The event titled The Change Catalyst in Working Capital will take place on Thursday, 16th May in London

The event will present how global companies are increasingly using new AI solutions to free up unallocated cash, collect more with less, improve customer service and forecast their cash flow more accurately.

Kevin Kimber, Chief Executive Officer at Rimilia, said “Microsoft continues to be our trusted partner, and we’re excited to put on this event together that is specifically designed for financial executives. Often the C-suite wants to transform their financial operations, make their process more efficient, and allocate cash faster. But they’re not sure the best way to do it. At this event, we’ll give the audience a roadmap on how to use AI to do all of these things.”

Brian Morgan Rimilia’s business growth and Partner Director said “The role of CFO is dynamically changing, and technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence should be CFO’s strategic allies. Understanding the continuing need to deal with economic uncertainty, regulation and scrutiny from investors, the event will be the unique chance for finance professionals to explore expert advice and real-world examples of how technology enables transformational automation, improving business outcomes.”

Warwick Hill, Senior MD of Microsoft for Startups EMEA, said “Rimilia has really improved the way financial teams operate. Artificial intelligence isn’t just a buzzword anymore, it’s enabling companies to gain a competitive advantage. Together, Microsoft and Rimilia help finance teams dramatically improve their processes and increase cash faster than they imagined. At this event, we’ll show executives how.”