Shire Leasing has announced structural changes to their leadership team. Mark Picken is to move to CEO with Helen Lumb taking the CFO role and Malcolm Workman to be COO. This new structure will see the various business disciplines report through Lumb and Workman and provide a broader management spread and greater focus on the individual parts.

The Chairmen of the Group, John Worton and Martin Smith commented “The whole investor search process was interesting but if anything served to prove to us what a fabulous and profitable business we own. Remaining independent frees us to make the changes we have and pursue an aggressive growth strategy and we are excited about looking for acquisitions to accelerate that.”

Mark Picken, Chief Executive of Shire Leasing plc said “Such a process is always distracting and we have heard from many interested parties. Having narrowed them down to a few, we have now closed the process as ultimately there were no investors we found compatible across all the key areas of our businesses. Our ambition is undaunted and we are delighted to remain independent and keen to grow from here. That growth strategy is both generic and acquisitional”