Contact strategy solution company CCS has announced the launch of a new multi-channel, intelligent two-way messaging platform.

The company have launched a new service called ‘Omni-Reach’ which will run alongside its ‘Mail Master’ product.  The service is designed to give the user multiple ways in which they can reach out, engage and converse with customers.  Whether communicating via web chat, text message, email, Twitter or other social media feeds, Omni-Reach will centralise and manage all non-voice communications.

Using a trainable AI chatbot in the first instance, Omni-Reach is designed to automatously handle an array of customer interactions and enquiries before handing off to a live agent where required.

Darren Swailes, one of the Co-Founders at CCS said “The Coronavirus pandemic has offered up many challenges for all UK business.  One of the most significant ones is day to day customer contact or correspondence, which has been made increasingly difficult for businesses when many team members are working from remote and home locations.  This has naturally caused an acceleration in the already speedy move to a fully digital contact environment and I’m pleased that our clients have been approaching us with ideas and requests for additional solutions and services.”

One of the earliest adaptors of the product has been Allied International Credit (AIC). Steven Hearton Director of UK Operations at AIC  said “AIC are delighted to be one of the earliest adopters of CCS’s conversational platform ‘Omni Reach’. Since launching our exciting new customer-facing website in June this year, and embarking on a number of digital-only strategies with many of our clients, we have reviewed a range of Omni channel platforms in order to find the best fit for our customers and our business. ”

“We have worked in close partnership with CCS now for over 4 years, successfully leveraging a number of their solutions and contributing to improved customer experience and our overall performance. From early on in our conversations and following several demonstrations of the platform and its capabilities, the ‘Omni Reach’ solution delivered for us on every level. The flexibility of the ‘Omni Reach’ platform in adapting to suit the needs of the many different programs we support,  combined with the relentless support we have had from the CCS team to develop the AI interface, leaves us in no doubt we have the right partner.  We look forward to our continued partnership with CCS and being a part of the evolution of ‘Omni Reach’.”‘

CCS were the winners of the Best Customer Engagement category at last year’s Credit & Collections Technology Awards with their Mail Master solution.