Chartsbridge has announced that it has selected public services software solutions company Civica, to deliver an enterprise cloud solution for its collections services.

The agreement will provide Chartsbridge with improved visibility and control across regulated collections, recoveries and enforcement activities. The company says that harnessing the capabilities of the cloud, the platform comprises of five multi-channel integrated modules that together power the entire FCA-regulated collections and recovery process. Considerable client efficiency benefits can be derived through the flexible data integration capabilities through real-time APIs, meaning seamless and automated transfer of cases and data in both directions.

With evidence-based transparency being critical to the Chartsbridge operation, real-time activity analysis utilises GPS tracking to provide new levels of accountability to the regulated field collections sector. Simplified visit prioritisation and auto-scheduling improve operational efficiency whilst creating an evidence-based field activity audit trail.

The capabilities of the solution enable high volumes of cases to be processed effectively whilst maximising collection rates.

Using data-driven intelligence and client-specific workflow schemes, Chartsbridge is able to harness workflow engines to facilitate case management optimisation.

John Ingram, Founder of Chartsbridge, said “We have worked closely with Civica to build a first-to-market innovative solution which the company has developed through years of experience within the wider judicial services industry, but now deployed into the regulated collections sector for the first time.”

“Working with Civica has enabled us to bring cloud technology solutions into our market, delivering unprecedented transparency and evidence to drive higher industry standards.