A third of young adults use their credit card to pay bills according to new survey findings from 118 118 Money. The research shows that the credit cards are used to purchase holidays (53%), clothes (50.9%) and food (47%). A number even admitted to paying their monthly mortgage or rent payment with a credit card (4%).

The research looked at the credit card habits of the UK public and found that 60% of consumers actively use their credit cards on a regular basis. The most common reasons for using a credit card, were the added security when shopping online (30.8%) and the convenience of not paying for something straight away (24.3%).

Overall, only two thirds (68.7%) of all people surveyed say they understand their credit card charges, with 7.9% of the public claiming to feel “in the dark” about their monthly charges. Looking specifically at young adults, a third of credit card owners aged 18-34 regularly use their credit card to pay for other household bills, new research has revealed.

More than half of 18 – 34-year olds (56%) also admitted to being confused about their credit card charges, and 14% claimed to never check their statements for errors. The research also asked what form of banking consumers felt most comfortable using, online banking was the most popular option (59.5%), with telephone banking chosen as the least popular (6.7%).

David Goodman, Chief Commercial Officer at 118 118 Money said “Credit cards provide consumers with a way to make big-ticket purchases with safety and purchase protection. Many thousands of consumers use credit cards responsibly each year to make purchases such as holidays, day-to-day expenses and more, while spreading the cost over the year.”

“However, using your credit card to pay bills or rent each month can be a risk that leaves you in a circle of debt it can be difficult to break out of. If you feel financially insecure, speak to someone who can help and only use your credit card for responsible purchases you know you can afford to pay back.”