Challenger credit bureau Credit Kudos has announced that it has created an Open Banking technology partnership with software development business Paylink Solutions. Using Open Banking, Paylink Solutions has a more efficient and secure process in place for individuals to provide financial information, rather than having to manually input these details and upload documents.

Susan Rann, CEO of Paylink Solutions: “Credit Kudos’ technology provides a solution to engage with customers accurately, quickly and securely. Our clients can now collect the right information from their customers and third-party organisations whilst providing transparency and accountability throughout the whole journey.”

“Paylink Solutions’ clients can use Open Banking to directly access digital bank statements through its Embark software. The technology automatically populates income and expenditure information – ready for individuals to check, amend if necessary and then submit. Documents can also be sent electronically, or uploaded via a drag-and-drop tool.”

Freddy Kelly, CEO of Credit Kudos: “Credit Kudos is obsessed with creating easy-to-use technology for the best customer experience possible. Open Banking offers the opportunity to both improve the credit underwriting process and significantly increase the speed and ease of applying for a loan.”

“We share Paylink’s commitment to innovation in lending, and are excited to extend the benefits of Open Banking to Paylink’s customers. Our partnership will make easier and simpler for individuals to interact with financial institutions.”

Paylink Solutions, which is part of the Totemic Group, is a software development business, focused on delivering digital solutions and services to a range of businesses. Credit Kudos is a technology-driven challenger credit bureau that takes financial behaviour into account when measuring creditworthiness.