A new credit union office has opened in Kendal The newly re-branded Penrith Office of Eden & South Lakeland Credit Union will open soon. It has come about following the successful completion of a merger between South Lakeland Credit Union and EdenSave Credit Union.

Adrian Rush, Chair of Eden and South Lakeland Credit Union said “This is good news for people struggling to raise finance who might otherwise turn to high-cost sources like money-lenders – and for people who could just as easily approach their bank or building society.  They are often surprised by the competitive rates on offer and choose one of our loans, knowing the interest paid on the loan goes to help those who find credit harder to come by.”

More than £80,000 has been lent in the past six months by the credit union, which also has a base at Alston.

The Credit Union is run by a loyal team of volunteers, and more will be needed both for the new Kendal office and for Penrith and Alston Moor.