Personal insolvency specialist practice, Creditfix has completed the acquisition of fellow Glasgow-based debt solutions provider, Carrington Dean.

The sale will see Creditfix become the largest provider of Trust Deeds in Scotland, adding to its position as the largest provider of individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Carrington Dean will continue to trade under its existing name, but will benefit from working as part of a larger group – receiving support, improved operational efficiencies and on-going investment in the future of the business.

Pearse Flynn, Chairman Of Creditfix, said “Carrington Dean is a successful business and it’s an exciting move for Creditfix, one that not only benefits the business, but also the thousands of people that are currently clients of Carrington Dean.

“These individuals will see no changes to their own personal plans, but will benefit from Creditfix’s industry-leading customer service and debt advice.

“We are delighted to complete the acquisition, and will continue working hard to build and improve on what Creditfix has achieved so far. As the business moves forward, it’s paramount that our clients and customers continue to remain our central focus, as we strive to deliver the best support and advice to people struggling with their personal finances.”