European debt purchaser, DDM Holding has announced that it has appointed Henrik Wennerholm as Head of Business Development and a member of DDM’s Executive Management Committee.

 Wennerholm has industry experience from companies including Hoist, Aktiv Kapital (PRA Group) and, most recently, B2Holding ASA where he served as Head of Business Development and a member of the Group Executive Management Team. He was also the founding partner and CEO of the Nordic NPL investor and debt recovery specialist Sileo Kapital AB, which was acquired by B2Holding ASA in 2014. Wennerholm will be based in Sweden.

Kent Hansson, acting CEO and Chairman of the Board of the DDM Group said “DDM is in a very expansive phase, and we want to fully capitalize on our strong growth. We are very pleased to have Henrik join the team at this time to lead our business development program. He has extensive industry experience as well as from building the operations and overseeing all larger European transactions within B2Holding ASA, and will be a great asset to DDM,”

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