The total number of defaults and small claims judgments issued in Northern Ireland during the third quarter of the year was 1,711, a historic low for any quarter, according to figures released today by Registry Trust.

In the third quarter of 2018, the number of small claims judgments fell by 22 percent and the average value of judgments at £2,302 fell by 15 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. The total value, at £3,939,566, fell by a third compared to Q3 2017.

In the High Court, only 11 judgments were registered in Q3 2018, three fewer than during the third quarter of 2017 and the lowest on record. However the total value of High Court judgments more than doubled, as a result of an increase of 162 percent in the average size of judgment at £109,048.

During Q3 2018, 3.43 percent of judgments were marked as satisfied. This contrasts with 15.75 percent in England and Wales, where satisfaction rates are generally higher owing to the differences between the legal systems.

Trust chairman Malcolm Hurlston CBE said: “People need to tell us if they have paid off a debt. If we can mark a judgment as satisfied it makes a big difference to any credit record.”


  • Defaults and small claims Q3 2018 (compared with Q3 2017)

o    Total number: 1711 (down 22 percent)

o    Total value: £3.9m (down 33 percent)

o    Average: £2302 (down 15 percent)

  • High Court judgments Q3 2018 (compared with Q3 2017)

○    Total number: 11 (down three)

○    Total value: £1.2m (up 106 percent)

○    Average: £109,048 (up 162 percent)

  • All judgments Q3 2018 (compared with Q3 2017)

○      Total number: 1722 (down 22 percent)

○      Total value: £5.1m (down 21 percent)

○      average: £2,984 (up one percent)

○      Median: £911.5 (down eight percent)

*The average value tends to be higher than the median, as it is more distorted by outlying, high-value cases.