Equiniti has announced the launch of Equiniti Credit Services. Richard Carter is to lead the new business – supplying digitally enabled loan and mortgage solutions – which combines Equiniti Pancredit, Equiniti Gateway and the newly-acquired Nostrum Group.

Equiniti Credit Services builds innovative solutions that are transforming the credit industry, offering a complete outsourced credit management solution that integrates award-winning proprietary technologies and specialist personnel with FCA compliant processes.

Equiniti Credit Services operates across a diverse range of financial services companies including banks, investment banks, building societies, motor finance, specialist finance and challengers. The core end-to-end solutions that it provides are; automated loan management and sourcing technology; outsource services; standby servicing.

Richard Carter, Managing Director of Equiniti Credit Services said “It is great news that we have been able to combine the expertise of three award-winning financial technology providers to form a single dedicated entity: Equiniti Credit Services. With the levels of proficiency that we have now amalgamated, we can continue to deliver lending software that is flexibly designed, quickly delivered and aligned to the way consumers live in today’s society.”

“Equiniti Credit Services is already servicing many of the UK’s leading banks, finance companies and retail brands and we hope that we will be able to expand further into these target markets. As we continue to drive success through continual innovation, we intend to transform the credit landscape.”