Experian and identity verification provider Global Data Consortium (GDC) have today announced a new partnership which it says will transform customer onboarding journeys for both international and new-to-country customers.

The agreement enables Experian clients to onboard customers rapidly, as well as strengthening anti-fraud measures and meeting Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance requirements.

Micah Willbrand, Managing Director of Identity and Fraud, Experian, said “With Covid-19 increasing the rate of digital transformation, it’s critical businesses of all shapes and sizes are confident that their customers are who they say they are, and at the same time create as frictionless an experience as possible.”

“Working with GDC and their market-leading coverage, our UK and global clients alike will benefit from the ability to onboard and verify customers in a seamless, integrated way. The new solution gives assurance the individual is genuine and suitable for the products they offer, and ensures a consistent and smoother customer experience, no matter where they are.”

William Spruill, President of Global Data Consortium, said: “We’re extremely excited at the opportunity to partner with Experian and their CrossCore ecosystem.”

“The combination of GDC’s local data sources and Experian’s global reach and expertise has been brought to bear in a global-API and will produce compelling outcomes for customers around the world.”