Payments specialists has announced that it has launched an API with the aim of driving faster payments.  The new platform solution can be used for acquiring, processing, and payment out.

The new solution will provide a full view on the transaction from pay in to payout or in the case of our lenders visa versa. believes that there is a great opportunity to unlock hidden value in your payments ecosystem. Their 360 degree payments platform is designed to simplify, serve and solve payments in your business while providing you with insights and opportunities to unlock that value, all in a single platform.

In the latest phase of evolution, has added an API driven Faster Payments solution that will allow your business to pay out to customers (and accounts payable) in a matter of seconds, report back on the outcome as successful, pending or unsuccessful – something legacy solutions simply cannot achieve. The solution is available as an independent API or as an added service in the environment, adding payout capability to the platform will enable customers to have a single platform for their payments. The user experience has been carefully designed to provide a world class banking experience – features include auto top up of accounts, alarms, additional account creation and recipient notifications to name just a few. Adding this service to your payment infrastructure means one less technology partner in the value chain and with our award-winning technical team, you’ll get a more streamlined and simple integration.

Rob Clark, Managing Director – said “Our state-of-the-art solution was built with our merchants needs at the forefront of the design. Once integrated, the platform with the new Faster Payments features gives our customers a combined solution to facilitate instant payouts and collect funds from a customer using just one platform – we believe this a first, positioning us as a leading fintech player.”