Andy Thomas of Chartsbridge has elected as agent Chair of the FLA’s new Vehicle Recovery and Collection Group.

The appointment follows an FLA membership-wide election with applications having been received from a number of applicants. The term of appointment shall be two years, at the end of which both individuals may offer themselves for re-election by the Group.

Speaking on his appointment, Thomas said “I am delighted to have been elected as agent Chair of Vehicle Recovery and Collection Group (VRAC). This represents an excellent opportunity and privilege to continue my work with the FLA in improving the motor finance collections and recoveries sector.”

“Having closely worked with the FLA team on various projects over recent years, I have been fortunate to play active roles in various topical motor finance industry issues as well as taking the leading role in addressing challenges that the sector has experienced. I look forward to continuing to work with Adrian Dally and James Marquette at the FLA alongside Daniel Layzell for the next two years in this important role as agent Chair of VRAC.”