Lending platform Freedom Finance has launched its first Open Banking platform to a panel of lenders for secured loans.

The announcement follows a Freedom Finance industry workshop, in partnership with AccountScore and Equifax. This brought together both large and challenger banks to discuss a common Open Banking goal – to provide customers with better-informed options whilst ensuring lenders offer clarity and not just choice.

Andrew Fisher, Group Managing Director at Freedom Finance said “Collaboration is really important to us. From working with other leading fintech services to offering our customers human interaction alongside new technology – should they choose it. Freedom Finance’s growth is led by digital innovation and we help refine choices for customers, so they can better understand the options available to them, and this is very much part of that process.”

“We enable our customers to use technology to its full potential, whilst guiding and educating throughout. Open Banking is a unique opportunity that allows borrowers to unlock their data to make the most of their money, and we’re currently seeing around a third of customers choosing to opt-in.”

“In a personal finance market crowded with options, it provides security and clarity for customers to help them make positive and well-informed choices.”

Emma Steeley, CEO for AccountScore said “Our service has already powered the UK’s first live consumer Open Banking journey for HSBC and working with Freedom Finance to provide the first lending platform offering for both borrowers and lenders signals a positive change for new technology.”

“Open Banking delivers better efficiency in the customer journey than previously possible, whilst also helping customers find the most relevant option when applying for either a loan, mortgage, or credit card.”

“We’ve found that Freedom Finance is determined to provide the best finance solutions for individual circumstances, and our data exchange service will also improve its lender capability to achieve even better clarity for customers.”