More than half (51%) of people who sought debt advice from a Citizens Advice Bureau wish they had done so sooner according to new data published by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

CAS is publishing the data as it launches its ‘Money Advice Matters’ campaign, encouraging people to not delay and seek advice about financial worries, particularly as support schemes implemented during the pandemic are set to ease off before ending, such as furlough.

The research also shows that 17% of clients surveyed believe they will need advice on debt in the future.

The charity is encouraging people to not let debt and money worries build up by sticking their head in the sand about problems.

Myles Fitt, CAS Financial Health Spokesperson, said “It’s really understandable that people struggling with bills, debt and money may avoid facing up to it and instead seek to put it off, but our message to people is that money advice matters, so don’t delay and seek advice.”

“Half of our debt clients wish they had sought advice sooner. With various financial support schemes introduced during the pandemic set to expire, now is the time to seek advice particularly those struggling with their finances due to the economic effects of the pandemic.”