Hanley Economic Building Society has announced that it has appointed Larne Payne as its new Financial Director.  Payne has been with the Society for over seven years after joining as a Financial Controller in March 2012 and she was subsequently promoted to the position of Head of Finance in 2017.

Mark Selby, CEO at Hanley Economic Building Society, commented “As a Chief Executive the greatest legacy you can create is to develop and grow the people you work with. To be able to appoint someone local and who has grown her career with the Society is a wonderful testament to the talent in the Society and our ability to grow and develop people for the future. Larne’s shown great potential and tenacity over the last year, since the previous FD left, and I am looking forward to seeing what more she can achieve in her career.”

Payne said “After seven years with the Society, I’m excited for the next stage of my career here at Hanley Economic. We are developing our strategy constantly, seeking new ideas and innovation to combine with our traditional roots. I’m looking forward to being part of driving change and development within the executive committee and I’m proud to be part of this great team.”

Founded in 1854, Hanley Economic is one of Staffordshire’s leading mutual building societies. It has 20,000 members and seven branches in Biddulph, Cheadle Hanley City Centre, Newcastle, Longton, Stone and at its Festival Park, Stoke on Trent headquarters.