Hanley Economic Building Society has restructured and bolstered its senior leadership team in a bid to drive positive change through its customer propositions.

The Society has appointed Lynsey Carter as Head of Operations and Will Jones as Head of Technology. These high-level additions to the senior leadership team follow the recent appointment of Larne Payne as Hanley’s new Financial Director.

The company says that the key role changes will make improvements to operational procedures, systems and underwriting practices across its intermediary and direct mortgage business channels. Technology will play an increasingly prominent role within this transition with enhancements being made in online application processing and online chat facility, alongside a range of system integrations. These will enable the Society to offer a more individual approach to cases and better support customers all the way through from application to completion.

Mark Selby, CEO at Hanley Economic Building Society, said “As a forward-thinking society it’s vital that we constantly evaluate not only how we can improve as a business but also in identifying the key areas which can really make the difference for both our intermediary partners and our loyal band of local customers. We will always take great pride in our heritage – which stretches back over 163 years – however, the modern mortgage market demands that lenders are innovative, engaging and transparent in their offerings, whilst maintaining the highest service standards possible. It may sound like something of a cliché but our people really are a key differentiator and we will continue investing in them to improve how we service the changing needs of our growing customer base.”