Two new appointments have been made at iVendi. Alex Park joins as a Data Engineer, have worked previously with CAPGemini as a big data consultant on a number of high profile, secure data projects. Whilst Michael Brown has been appointed as a Data Scientist, having had previous experience for the Co-op Bank in a similar role within finance product development.

Rob Severs, VP Data and Insight, explained: “The growth of iVendi and the online motor retail sector, in general, mean that we are now handling a veritable flood of data about everything from motor finance to value-added products. We have already gained some useful and often surprising insights that we have shared with the market but really, we have only been working at the edges of the potential of so much information.”

“These two new appointments will enable us to do much more, delivering insights that will help us deliver better solutions to car, van and motorbike buyers, and motor retailers of all kinds These are very exciting times for us.”

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