The Bank of England has published it’s latest statistical data.


Bankstats consists of: money and lending; monetary financial institutions’ balance sheets; further analyses of deposits and lending; external business of banks operating in the UK, public sector debt and the money markets (including gilt repo and stock lending); sterling commercial paper, other debt securities, capital issues; financial derivatives, interest and exchange rates and occasional background articles.

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Effective Interest Rates

The effective rates statistical release contains average interest rates across deposit or loan accounts with UK banks and building societies, calculated using data on rates and balances reported to the Bank.

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Money and Credit

The Money and Credit statistical release comprises of: Broad money and credit, Lending to individuals and Lending to businesses.

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Commenting on the statistics Peter Tutton, Head of Policy at StepChange Debt Charity, said: “Consumer credit is rising at its fastest rate for over a decade and the amount owed on credit cards continues to hit record levels. With Christmas on the horizon, there is a real risk of adding to the millions of people already struggling with high levels of persistent debt. It is vital that lenders use thorough affordability checks to ensure that people can repay credit in a reasonable time and without hardship. When people do find themselves in persistent debt, lenders need to help identify them early and offer the vital assistance they need.”