LendingMetrics has announced it has signed a record number of contracts with new lenders during the first seven weeks of the year.

Between January 1 and February 19, the auto-decisioning specialist gained 26 additional UK customers. The companies will be using either LendingMetrics’ Open Banking platform, OpenBankVison, or its automated-underwriting software, ADP, both of which are technology award winners*. This is by far the largest number of new customers LendingMetrics has ever signed by this point in the year.

David Wylie, Director of LendingMetrics, said “Our platforms are now really beginning to get traction with lenders.  Our combination of feature-rich enterprise solutions and compelling price points make the decision easy for lenders to choose to work with us”

The data analytics specialist recently unveiled the latest version of ADP, with faster response times and improvements to the user interface. The changes included a fully ‘client-side script’ and the almost complete elimination of editing delays caused by database posting; a 60% reduction in mouse clicks and keystrokes by making the user interface significantly more intuitive; and ADP’s drag-and-drop feature made instant and more intuitive.