Lloyds Bank has taken a further step in its ongoing support for customers, by developing a new Trusted Person Card. Launching at the end of this month, the card will make it easier for friends, family and carers to help those who need additional help to make everyday purchases and access cash.

The new feature will give those who find it difficult to purchase groceries and essential goods – perhaps because of health concerns, shielding or lockdown – the ability to apply for a separate debit card for their account. This will enable a trusted person to make purchases in shops, or withdraw cash, for the account holder, without sharing the primary card or other confidential account details.

The card’s launch is a direct response to feedback from some customers, who have said that making everyday purchases can be difficult at times, even more so recently for those shielding. Customers are also aware of the fraud risks involved in sharing their own debit card details, and want a more sustainable solution for family, friends or a trusted person to be able to help out safely.

The main account holder will retain full control of the account, will be able to cancel the additional card at any time, and keep track of how it is being used;

  • All transactions made using the card will be shown on the customer’s account statement
  • The card has a weekly spending limit of £100 and a weekly cash withdrawal limit of £100
  • The card will not be able to make purchases online, abroad, or over the phone
  • To help further protect the account holder, the trusted person will not be able to access the account or any details in any service channel
  • The account holder’s sort code and account number will not be printed on the card
  • The card will have a different card number and PIN to the customer’s existing debit card

Philip Robinson, Director of Personal Current Accounts, Lloyds Bank said “We understand that for some, getting out and about isn’t always straightforward, and lockdown and shielding restrictions mean that many of our customers are relying on others to help them with groceries and picking up essentials. We’ve developed the Trusted Person Card to make sure that there is a straightforward and, crucially, secure way to ask family, friends and carers for help.”

The new card will be made available to the most vulnerable customers of Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland and is a secondary card, attached to the customer’s main current account. The product will be launching at the end of the month when a specialised telephone service team will begin to proactively identify customers who have a need for the card.