Ofgem has appointed First Utility to take on supplying around 7,000 customers of Usio Energy, which ceased trading earlier this week. This follows a competitive process run by Ofgem to get the best deal possible for Usio Energy’s customers.

First Utility is offering Usio Energy’s customers a competitive tariff and will honour all outstanding credit balances, including money owed to both existing customers and to former customers of Usio Energy.

For existing customers, energy supplies will continue as normal as they switch over to First Utility on Thursday 19 October. Any credit on their account can be used to offset future energy use. First Utility will contact former customers directly about their refund, if appropriate.

Customers of Usio Energy will be contacted by First Utility over the coming days and again in a few weeks when their accounts are fully set up. At that point, if customers wish to change their tariff, they should ask First Utility to switch them to another deal, or shop around.

Customers will not be charged exit fees if they decide to leave First Utility or if they decide to switch supplier before the transfer has been completed. However, if they do not wait until the transfer has been completed, the switch may not proceed or could take longer to complete.

Philippa Pickford, interim director at Ofgem, said “We are pleased to secure a deal with First Utility, where Usio Energy’s customers will be offered a competitive tariff for their energy. Their credit balances will be honoured and their energy supply will continue as normal. Our advice for customers of Usio Energy is to wait until First Utility contacts you. They will give you more information about the tariff you are on, and about your credit balance if you have one. Then you can shop around for a better deal if you wish to.”