Free debt advice provider PayPlan and housing provider Longhurst Group have partnered to improve the support on offer to customers who may be in financial difficulty.

The. Longhurst Group, which owns and manages more than 23,000 homes across the Midlands and East of England, has launched its Improving Lives 2025 strategy, in which it commits to improving customers’ health and wellbeing and economic resilience with the support of PayPlan

Rachel Duffey, CEO of PayPlan, said “At PayPlan, we believe that budgeting is key for people to understand their finances. If we can help people to prioritise their spending and make sure that they are getting all the income that they are entitled to, then we can very quickly help people to relieve some of their financial burden.”

“We’re pleased to be working with Longhurst Group and to be able to help their customers to improve their financial wellbeing. Our special advice team makes it their mission to know every detail of emergency and hardship funds and to offer a holistic approach to support, especially for those who are particularly vulnerable.”

Longhurst Group’s Director of Community Investment, Charmaine Simei, said the partnership approach would help support the Group’s customers through the uncertain times created by Coronavirus. She said “We are pleased to have established this partnership with PayPlan and believe it provides a valuable resource to our customers.”

“Our Improving Lives 2025 strategy has our customers’ health and wellbeing and economic resilience at its heart and we continue to work hard to provide services to our customers that will help achieve these aims.”

“Having free and independent debt advice through PayPlan could be a vital resource for our customers, and we are excited to be launching this partnership approach.”