Specialist recoveries company Phillips & Cohen Associates has announced plans to expand into the servicing of potentially vulnerable consumers.

The business, which has been consistently recognised for its compassionate engagement model during its 23-year history, is reacting to client demand for this new service alongside increasing market demographic needs.

As one of a number of ventures to initiate the service, Phillips & Cohen Associates has been selected by UK Debt solutions provider, TDX Group, to help launch their V+ service, an innovative approach which will seek to combine proactive data analytics and best of breed communication strategies to provide superior levels of service to potentially vulnerable consumers. PCA were selected because of its long-standing reputation for dealing with consumers in an empathetic & positive manner.

Nick Cherry, Chief Operating Officer said “As a business, PCA has always prided itself on the ability to engage with consumers at the most sensitive of times. We believe in treating people with dignity and respect, and this makes dealing with potentially vulnerable consumers a natural extension of our existing niche services.”

Adam S. Cohen, Co-Chairman/CEO said “Based on our unique credentials, vulnerability is a market which our clients have been encouraging us to enter for some time and we are gratified to continue to be recognized as a market leader in standards of consumer engagement. Sadly, the pandemic has impacted more households in all countries than was previously conceivable, and we feel that now is the right time for PCA to help to ensure that families receive the appropriate levels of support which they need to recover.”