TransUnion has introduced a new affordability solution for gaming to support gaming companies as the industry continues to increase its focus on responsible gambling and consumer protection.

Designed, developed and tested over 12 months by TransUnion experts, its key function is to help support gaming operators in their social responsibility practices, ahead of foreseen legislation from the UK Gambling Commission to protect vulnerable gamblers. It uses combined individual-level financial data and industry-recognised scores built by TransUnion, along with socio-demographic data and property data, to assess new players in real time. The solution is already being used by some of the leading names in gaming, both in the UK and internationally, with improved onboarding and assessment practices cited amongst the results.

Dominic Goslett, Director of diversified markets at TransUnion in the UK and Europe said “The Affordability Solution for gaming brings together our expertise in affordability with our deep knowledge and experience in the gaming sector and stands to lead the way in supporting operators in their corporate responsibility and due diligence, without compromising the experience for consumers.”

“The tool generates a graded assessment of an individual player’s profile – assigning them a red, amber or green rating – and enables gaming companies to assess the financial stress and potential vulnerability of players at any point in the customer journey, helping them to make smarter, more responsible decisions when it comes to customer engagement.”

TransUnion’s Head of gaming in the UK and Europe, Adam Hancox, said “Gaming operators that are forward thinking and make changes ahead of mandatory regulation are likely to gain an edge on competitors whilst also doing the right thing for the consumer.”

“The UK Gambling Commission has strongly recommended that operators take action earlier in their engagement with consumers to assess and minimise the risk of players experiencing harm associated with gambling. This creates a genuine opportunity for operators to take the lead in establishing safeguards and enhanced processes without policy intervention.”