A new webinar taking place on Wednesday 30th January at 12pm GMT will explore how consumer debt collections can be optimised.

The webinar presented by Lightico will explore how consumer debt collections can be optimised for 2019 and beyond. The webinar will analyse key insights gleaned from 100,000 collection calls and present practical, provenly effective advice on how collectors can streamline their processes.

Webinar presenter and Communications Director Gaby Young said “The biggest debt collection pain points today centre around a lack of seamless communication between debtors and collectors. Ultimately, confusing, time consuming processes frustrate debtors and collectors, making it less likely that both parties can come to terms. Processes that implement efficient ways to match debts and debtors, reduce the number of collection calls and stop unnecessary pursuits altogether will  reduce customer complaints.”

The webinar will provide best practice techniques and tools for effective debt collection calls, as well as tips for agents to make the most out of each customer interaction. Highlights include:

  • How technology-based CX tools are empowering debtors to engage in more productive conversations with agents
  • How mobile-friendly processes are increasing collection rates, reducing agents’ rework time and boosting customer satisfaction levels
  • Tools to enable customers to instantly submit proofs of documentation, income statements, invoices and ID
  • How agents can increase contact centre productivity by helping customers complete payment forms and submit all required signatures in one call
  • How to make debt collection more mobile-friendly, compliant and secure

Who Should Attend:

  • Recovery officers and managers
  • Operational leaders
  • Sales management
  • Compliance officers
  • General management and directors

British households spent around £900 more on average than they received in income during 2017. As a result, household finances were pushed into deficit for the first time since the 1980s. In addition, recent research indicates that optimising debt collection for an increasingly mobile population is no longer an option, but an industry requirement. In the United Kingdom, 45% of households have no landline, while close to 85% have a mobile phone. Another key insight: PEW research reveals that the indebted population segment relies more heavily on mobile devices than higher-income households.

These figures pose a major challenge for debt collection agencies, many of whom are struggling to adapt their processes to help today’s borrowers resolve outstanding account issues.
The webinar takes places on Wednesday 30th of January at 12 pm

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