A new webinar taking place on Tuesday 24th July will explore how consumer debt collections can be optimised. The webinar will explore collections analytics and lessons learnt from over 100,000  collections calls.

Presenter and MD of Lightico Zviki Ben Ishay said “Debt collectors spend countless hours trying to contact borrowers to reclaim their overdue payments. After finally getting a hold of a debtor, they need to work adeptly to collect efficiently – managing countless regulatory procedures to remain both compliant and profitable. This 60-minute live webinar will review lessons from 100,000 collection calls – identifying common challenges and insights about how to collectors can step-change their efficiency.”

“This webinar will also examine the common pitfalls like getting a hold of a debtor, dealing with excuses and delays, and effectively receiving payments that encompass the debt collection industry. It will also provide concrete solutions that maximise each and every contact point to build relationships, rapport and the opportunity to collect payments. Moreover, the session will touch upon new, simple, and compliant techniques collectors are using to overcome these pressing obstacles.”

The webinar will provide examples of best practice for techniques for effective debt collection calls and how to maximise each contact:

  • How to use digital tools to engage debtors towards productive conversations
  • Exchanging proof of documentation, income statements, invoices & ID
  • Instantly completing payment forms & ensure them with digital signatures
  • Process payments and collect debt on the spot with secure methods.

Who Should Attend:

  • Recovery officers & managers
  • Operational leaders
  • Sales management
  • Compliance officers
  • General management & directors