Consumer Debt Conference (Utility Week)

The Birmingham Conference & Events Centre The 2023 Utility Week Consumer Vulnerability and Debt Conference will help the industry enhance their customer debt and vulnerability strategies in these constantly evolving times, to reflect on the last 12 months and prepare for winter 23/24, and to harness the power of consumer insight and engagement to identify and…

MALG Conference

Birmingham Repertory Theatre, 6 Centenary Sq, Birmingham Thursday 9th November The Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG) has been running an annual conference for the debt advice and wider sectors since 1987. The event will cover the following topics: Gen Z Money Management & Debt Adviser-Creditor Communication The Changing Approach to the Enforcement of Council Tax Inequality…

MALG - Money-advice-liaison-group

2023 Credit & Collections Technology Think Tank, 23rd November, Manchester (followed by the 2023 Credit & Collections Technology Awards)

Credit Connect’s Credit & Collections Technology Think Tank is a new, innovative and unique event in the industry calendar.

2023 Credit & Collections Technology Awards Ceremony, 23rd November, Manchester

The Credit & Collections Technology Awards is the flagship annual awards event for the lending, credit and collections sector.

Commercial Working Capital Group 1.2

The second Commercial Working Capital Group will take place on Thursday 23rd November at the Midland Hotel, Manchester About:  The second event of the year will seek to bring together key leaders in the commercial credit space to discuss the latest challenges faced by businesses. The Working Capital Group events seek to create an engaging environment…

Online Collections Technology Think Tank 5.1

The seventh virtual Online Collections Technology Think Tank will feature a number of discussions to understand the best possible collection strategies amidst high cost of living expenses to households.

Online Lending Technology Think Tank 4.1

The sixth virtual Online Lending Technology Think Tank will feature a number of discussions to understand the best possible lending strategies. For more event information click here Click here to register –  to be confirmed soon.

Lending Technology - Think-tank