Arrow Global acquires Blue Current Capital

14th July 2023

Arrow Global has announced the acquisition of Blue Current Capital (BCC), an ESG-focused real estate asset manager dedicated to the development of electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs.

Arrow says that the acquisition is part of its commitment to investing in opportunities that focus on generating positive social or environmental outcomes alongside financial returns, particularly those focusing on the decarbonisation of transportation. The investment will allow Arrow to access a rapidly growing market, remain at the forefront of real estate investment trends, and contribute significantly to a greener, more sustainable future.

Under the terms of the deal, BCC will sit alongside Arrow’s Eagle Street Partners’ real estate development platform, further solidifying Arrow’s focus on real estate investments and adding a distinctive ESG component to its portfolio. This move will position Arrow as an early adopter in the delivery of scaled EV charging infrastructure designed for major fleet operators, a strategy driven by corporate net-zero aspirations and government regulation with respect to carbon emissions.

BCC, founded in 2020 by Max Botschen and Nickolas Blackburn, pioneers purpose-built, multi-story EV charging hubs. Their future-oriented vision aligns with the UK Government’s goal of a full transition to zero-emission vehicles by 2035.

Craig Hawthorne, Director of Investments, Arrow Global said “The acquisition of BCC fortifies our capabilities in the logistics sector and allows us to seize the early-mover advantage in this high-growth, ESG-aligned investment arena.”

“The alignment with Eagle Street will enable BCC to leverage our established infrastructure to accelerate their ambitious business plans, starting in the UK and Ireland before extending out across key European cities.”

Nickolas Blackburn, Co-CEO of BCC said “In an era where major fleet operators are committed to electrification, charging infrastructure must keep pace,”. “Our partnership with Arrow provides the support needed to expand this mission-critical infrastructure and ensures fleet operators can meet their electrification targets, paving the way for a greener future for logistics.”