Debt charity StepChange has launched a new, streamlined referral process to make it easier for creditors to refer people to the charity if they need help managing their financial situation.

The scheme is initially rolling out through a selection of creditor and charity partners, each of whom has clients or customers who may have cause to make use of the charity’s services. Making it as easy as possible to refer them, and for people to make contact in the way that suits them best, makes it more likely that people who need help will access it.

The new referral process should take just 30 seconds to complete online and, with the customer’s consent, will then allow them to receive emails, text messages or a time-specified phone call from StepChange providing them with an easy route into their first steps to resolving their difficulties and improving their financial situation.

Vanessa Northam, Head of Strategic Relationships at StepChange Debt Charity, said “Debt advice really works. But getting people to debt advice can be a hurdle in itself – partly psychologically, but also partly due to logistical barriers. By reducing friction we’re increasing the chance that our service successfully reaches everyone who can benefit from it.”