Northern Irish business and personal insolvency numbers fall

19th January 2022 Business | #business insolvencies

Latest statistics from the Insolvency Service have shown that Northern Irish personal and business insolvencies decreased in December in the latest monthly figures. In December 2021 there were 81 individual insolvencies in Northern Ireland, 48% lower than in December 2020, and 42% lower than December 2019. This consisted of 63 IVAs, 11 DROs and seven…

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Number of small businesses falling behind on loan repayments increases

A survey of lenders by the Bank of England shows that the number of small businesses falling behind on their loan repayments rose in the three months to the end of November. The analysis shows that fewer medium-sized businesses defaulted on corporate debt repayments in the period, while the number of large companies defaulting remained…

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Business insolvencies predicted to rise 33%

13th January 2022 Business | #business insolvencies

Brexit combined with the coronavirus pandemic has created a double-edged sword for businesses with its full-scale impact yet to be realised with Economists from Atradius predicting that insolvencies will rise by 33%. As the UK marks its first anniversary of the Brexit withdrawal, Atradius reports that the true ramifications of Brexit have been overshadowed by…

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Losses at large restaurant groups increase ahead of spending squeeze

Losses at the country’s largest restaurant groups rose by 174% to £673m in the year to September, according to analysis by UHY Hacker Young. The lockdown and social distancing rules meant that the restaurant sector was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Lost sales cost the hospitality sector around £200 million a day…

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440,000 companies threatened by late payment as costs surge

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is warning that a worsening of the UK’s late payment crisis, high inflation and mounting admin for firms that trade internationally will cause the business community to further shrink in size if left unaddressed, as it releases fresh findings from its quarterly Small Business Index (SBI). The new study…

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Payment delays and insolvencies expected to impact motor sector

4th January 2022 Business | #risk

Credit risk in the automotive industry is set to deteriorate with an increase in payment delays and insolvencies according to new research by trade credit insurer Atradius. The report reveals several challenges facing the industry which stem from supply issues, decreased consumer demand and rising costs.  Combined, these have led to the insurance company rating…

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Businesses write off £8 in every £100 as uncollectible

Businesses are reporting that they are losing £8 for every £100 billed in the last year due to the non-payment of invoices, according to the research by trade credit insurer Atradius. The research barometer reveals nearly half (44%) of the total value of UK B2B sales were reported overdue this year and a further 8%…

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Almost one in five small businesses won’t survive 2022 without a bumper Christmas

20th December 2021 Business | #economy

A study by insurance provider Simply Business has predicted that one in five small businesses will not survive 2022 unless their Christmas sales are strong. It was also found that 27% of SME staff are “not confident” about their trading fortunes, while one in ten expects to fare worse this month than they did last…

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Northern Irish business insolvencies rise by 29% whilst personal insolvencies double

Latest statistics from the Insolvency Service have shown that Northern Irish business insolvencies increased by 29% whilst personal insolvencies doubled when compared to 2020 in the latest monthly figures. In November 2021 there were 193 personal insolvencies in Northern Ireland, 11% more than double the number in November 2020, but 32% lower than November 2019.…

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UK business borrowing on course to fall sharply

UK net business borrowing is on course to fall sharply over 2021 as firms pay down existing debt far faster than predicted, according to the latest EY ITEM Club for Financial Services Forecast. The forecast estimates that net bank lending to UK businesses will fall to minus £1.6bn over 2021, following £35.5bn net being lent in 2020,…

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One in ten chain shops in Scotland still closed

13th December 2021 Business | #business insolvencies

Research by PwC and Local Data Company shows that over one in ten (11%) of chain shops in Scotland failed to reopen after the lockdown in the first months of this year. The overall picture showed that there were 99 units, 4.7% of the total, that closed permanently while a further 143, or 6.8%, did…

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Half of European businesses say data is vital for survival

New research commissioned by Dun & Bradstreet has found that over half (52%) of European businesses surveyed don’t think they will survive without relevant, up-to-date and compliant business data. The findings, of the ‘The Future of Data’ report, revealed that two-thirds of business leaders agree that data is the most useful tool for their organisation…

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Fifth of business owners identify late payments as key barrier for growth

Almost a fifth (18%) of small business owners have identified late payments as the key barrier to their growth, behind only competition as the biggest barrier, according to new research by Superscript. The research, part of a report titled ‘Supercharging small business growth, highlights the struggles that small businesses face with late payments’  found that…

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