New fintech launches access to cash for business solution

27th April 2022 Commercial Credit Management |

A new Fintech, Saltare has launched with the aim of improving cashflow, strengthen supply chain relationships and give more certainty over their payments. The company says it was born out of the knowledge that 82% of businesses fail not because of lack of profit, but through lack of cash. Yet, recent studies suggest UK SMEs…

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Businesses using cash management spreadsheets twice as likely to have overdue invoices

A new global survey has found that businesses using spreadsheets for cash management are twice as likely to have a high number of overdue invoices according to new research by Sidetrade. The research revealed that 42% of finance teams still heavily reliant on spreadsheets reported a high ratio of late payments overall (15%). Conversely, this…

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Open Banking business online retailers could save over £19,000 a month in transaction fees

The average SME online retailer could save an estimated £19,000 by reducing transaction fees associated with popular payment providers such as AMEX, Mastercard and Visa could through the adoption of Open Banking technology, according to research from Yolt. At present, small online retailers in the UK process approximately 217 sales a day – increasing by…

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Financial organisations increasingly turning to robotics

New research by Visma | Onguard has found that 61% of organisations now either use Robotic Process Automation (RPA)/robotisation or are developing ideas on how to incorporate the technology into their business. This represents an increase of 15% compared to 2020 figures (46%). This rise in RPA adoption coincides with the increased use of Intelligent…

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Half of European businesses say data is vital for survival

New research commissioned by Dun & Bradstreet has found that over half (52%) of European businesses surveyed don’t think they will survive without relevant, up-to-date and compliant business data. The findings, of the ‘The Future of Data’ report, revealed that two-thirds of business leaders agree that data is the most useful tool for their organisation…

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FCA to scrap 90-day open banking rule

30th November 2021 Consumer Lending | #open banking

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is looking to scrap a key open banking rule requiring users to reauthenticate access to customer accounts every 90 days. The move will mean that consumers will no longer need to reauthenticate permissions with Account Servicing Payment Service Providers every 90 days if accessing account information through a third-party provider.…

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Blockchain adoption lift for 65% of financial organisations

New data from Visma | Onguard’s Fintech Barometer has found that 65% of organisations have either adopted blockchain technology or worked out the first ideas for future adoption in 2021, up from 51% in 2018. Of this 65%, almost a third are already utilising the technology – a significant 12% increase on last year’s levels.…

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Credit & Collections Technology Awards announces 2021 winners

5th November 2021 Arrears and Recoveries | #innovation

The winners of the 2021 Credit & Collection Technology Awards have been announced following a live in-person event yesterday (Thursday 4th November) at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. The awards are the flagship event for innovational technological professionals working in credit and collections and the fifth annual event honoured the UK’s technological innovators, celebrating outstanding…

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Credit & Collections Technology Awards announces line up

Credit Connect has confirmed the line-up for next week’s Credit & Collections Technology Awards which takes place at the Midland Hotel in Manchester next Thursday (4th November). The awards are judged by a panel of industry experts who have reviewed technological excellence in four different categories sections: creditor and lender, collections and recoveries, applied technology, and…

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Expanding digital transformation initiatives are sparking a fintech revolution

Despite the turbulence of the last year, UK businesses are continuing to make positive strides towards technological innovation. This has been highlighted in fresh analysis of four years of data from Visma | Onguard’s Fintech Barometer, which shows that number of organisations planning to undertake a digital transformation strategy within the next 6 to 11…

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Over half of credit providers planning to implement Open Banking this year

13th October 2021 Consumer Collections | #open banking

Over half (55%) of UK credit providers plan to implement Open Banking in 2021, with 93% of those businesses expecting to do so in the next 12 months, according to the latest Open Banking Research Report by credit reference agency, Equifax. With the pandemic accelerating consumer adoption of new technologies, and more digital data available…

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Digital transformation curtailed by inadequate technology skills

8th October 2021 Commercial Credit Management |

Data management initiatives in the finance sector, such as data collection, integration, and automation, are being constrained by a severe lack of digital skills and maturity. This is the overall feeling amongst up to two-thirds of technical decision makers, surveyed for a new report from Encompass Corporation. The report, conducted via independent polling agency, Pulse,…

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SME leaders to spend £85,000 on technology in next 12 months

7th October 2021 Commercial Credit Management |

SME leaders plan to invest £85,000 on average in new digital technologies and systems over the next 12 months, indicating Covid-19 has sparked a longer-term shift to digital among UK businesses, according to new research by Nucleus Commercial Finance. Expected digital spend climbs to £125,000 among younger, more tech-savvy SME leaders (those aged 18-34), compared…

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