Sopra Banking Software launches Freehand Connect API

10th September 2021

Banking and specialised financing software specialist, Sopra Banking Software has announced that its Sopra Financing Platform (SFP) pricing engine, Freehand is now available as Software-as-a-Service REST API. 

Currently, live with a major Asset Finance lender, the SFP Freehand Connect API provides access to the same rapid and accurate pricing calculations trusted by the industry right in all points of the lender’s operational systems.

Speaking about the full launch, Mark Elliott, Business Development Manager (SFP) at Sopra Banking Software, said “We operate within an increasingly interconnected landscape with financial institutions often taking a best of breed approach to their systems and providing a unified experience to their users through the use of APIs. SFP Freehand Connect is perfectly aligned with this landscape. Freehand’s pricing calculations have always been trusted, and now they can be delivered in a seamless way in a variety of other applications and websites.” 

“A utility pricing model is ideal for these uncertain times, our pricing model allows a lender’s outgoings to flex with demand – removing one more headache for lenders concerned about paying a fixed price for a product during a period of reduced economic activity.”