Lenders report lower borrowing demand

14th January 2022 Consumer Lending | #consumer lending

Lenders have reported a lower borrowing demand at the close of the year according to a new report from the Bank of England (BoE). The quarterly survey of banks and building societies found that demand for secured lending for house purchases fell in the final quarter of last year. The demand for mortgages fell back…

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Consumer card spending grew 12.2% per cent in December

11th January 2022 Consumer Lending | #consumer spending

Consumer card spending increased 12.2 per cent in December compared to the same period in 2019, as Brits finished their final preparations for Christmas. However, the impact of restrictions and fears over the Omicron variant began to take effect across the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. Data from Barclaycard, which sees nearly half of the…

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Huge age discrepancy in credit score attitudes highlighted in research

New research by Lowell has highlighted a huge age discrepancy in credit score attitudes. The research found that almost one-third (32%) of the 16–24-year-olds who know how to check their credit score, check it multiple times a month. According to the data, those aged 55 and over (15%) are most likely to check their credit…

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More than half of consumers are paying interest on credit cards

5th January 2022 Banking and Loans | #credit cards

New research by TotallyMoney has shown that more than half (54%) of customers with an outstanding monthly credit card balance are paying interest, indicating that it could be costing consumers £1,831 by not transferring a credit card balance. The esearch shows customers are 31% more likely to be eligible for a credit card now than…

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Households borrowing on credit cards increases

5th January 2022 Consumer Lending | #consumer lending

Latest figures from the Bank of England (BoE) show that credit card spending increased in November, with spending and borrowing showing signs of normalising after being distorted by pandemic-driven support measures. The report shows that £1.2 billion was borrowed in November using credit cards, overdrafts and personal loans, with £862 million spent on credit cards.…

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Households set to spend £1.3bn this Christmas using BNPL schemes

22nd December 2021 Alternative Consumer Lending | #BNPL

New research by Scottish Friendly has indicated that households set to spend £1.3 billion this Christmas using buy-now pay-later (BNPL) schemes. The survey of 2,000 UK adults found that nearly three in ten (28%) are likely to make Christmas-related purchases using BNPL schemes this year. On average they will spend £162 using BNPL payment options,…

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October sees second consecutive month of a fall in spending

New FICO data has suggested that the tide might be turning on consumer finances with average card spend falling and early missed payment rates rising as furloughs finish FICO says that though its, analysis of UK card trends for October 2021, says that it appears that with the first signs that lockdown savings — which…

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Fear of rejection putting off millions of borrowers

15th December 2021 Consumer Lending | #consumer lending

Millions of people in the UK are being put off accessing credit products because they fear a rejected application could harm their chances of a loan in the future, according to new analysis from Freedom Finance, one of the UK’s leading online consumer lending platforms. The research shows that more than one in 10 (11%)…

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Consumer credit predicted to fall 0.7%

13th December 2021 Consumer Lending | #consumer credit

Net lending via credit cards and personal loans is also set to end the year in negative territory, falling 0.7% on top of 2020’s 9.8% decline according to the latest EY ITEM Club for Financial Services Forecast. The lrnfingfigures equates to a £1.4bn fall in the stock of consumer credit, as households have made more repayments…

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Open Banking adoption in lending predicted to hit 70% in next two years

10th December 2021 Consumer Lending | #open banking

A new report published today by Open Banking credit reference agency, Credit Kudos has found that nearly nine in ten (87%) of those say they plan to adopt it within the next two years, meaning that by 2023, seven in ten lenders (70%) overall are expected to be using Open Banking. One in four lenders…

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Unsecured debt levels increase in line with spending

8th December 2021 Arrears and Recoveries | #arrears

New analysis by UK Finance has indicated that unsecured debt levels have increased in line with spending, but customers continue to pay off their card bills on time each month. The analysis also indicated that mortgage arrears ticked down overall but heavier arrears continued to rise. Possessions increased slowly but a substantial backlog of cases…

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Over half of consumers are not aware of their credit score

8th December 2021 Consumer Lending | #credit reference

New research has found that just over half (51%) of consumers are not aware of their credit score. The research by NerdWallet has found that18% want to improve their credit score but don’t know how to, whilst 17% of UK adults feel anxious about the state of their credit score. 12% of respondents believe have…

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2021 Credit & Collections Technology Company Power List announced

Credit Connect has announced its annual Credit & Collections Technology company power list for 2021. The third edition of the power list is a round-up of the most prominent innovating companies within credit and collections technology. Credit Connect has identified the top 20 ‘Premier’ innovators highlighting the achievements and successes of the top-performing companies. The…

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