REPORT: How to ease pressure on collections

For collections teams, the coronavirus outbreak has created a paradox. How to deal simultaneously with escalating volumes, changing FCA guidelines and high customer expectations – all while experiencing significant frontline staff shortages. It’s undoubtedly a mammoth task. So where should you begin?

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REPORT: European Consumer Payment Report 2020

Intrum’s European Consumer Payment report – Consumers in crisis looks at how Covid-19 is affecting consumer finances in the UK.

The report examines how the Covid-19 crisis will have a lasting impact on UK consumers’ ability to manage their household finances.

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WEBINAR: Accelerate effective collections with digital transformation

Credit Connect’s first webinar of 2020  saw the theme of business transformation within collections discussed at an event hosted by Credit Connect in association with Lightico.

Collections professionals from banks, motor finance, utility firms, debt collection agencies, fintechs and credit managers were amongst the viewers.

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FEATURE: Why Credit Managers can’t afford to ignore AI and ML

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning (ML) is increasing across the finance sector. This is being driven not only by a growing number of use cases but also the significant benefits these technologies offer, for instance, PwC has found that 54% of executives say AI tools have boosted productivity. Yet, despite AI and ML being widely used across many areas of the finance sector and the great potential these technologies offer, their adoption within credit management has been much slower, but why?

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REPORT: Business Payments Barometer 2019

The 2019 Business Payments Barometer analyses the latest trends and most burning payment initiatives set to impact organisations of all sizes. Now in its fourth year this annual index surveys over 400 financial decision makers across Great Britain.

The report provides insight into the areas of most concern to financial decision makers, and highlights the challenges that organisations have on the agenda. The 2019 research highlights the lack of understanding around new payment initiatives and the escalating impact of payment fraud on businesses.

Read the 2019 Payments Barometer to uncover:

  • Are real-time business payments set to soar?
  • Are companies being hit harder, losing more & recovering less when it comes to fraud?
  • Do businesses understand the impact of the changing payments landscape?
  • Whose responsibility is sanctions-checking anyway?

Key highlights over the last three years include:

  • The impact Brexit has had as a driver of change
  • Small to medium businesses claiming slow payer ethic as their greatest payment challenge
  • Over half of business revenue was negatively impacted by financial fraud

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FEATURE: Innovations to enhance Lending decisioning

The current lending market has seen the emergence of software developments that help to streamline processes for loan origination and credit assessment.

Increasingly, shifting consumer expectations and technology-led changes in the industry have taken financial institutions to be increasingly aware of the need to update their practices and make way for innovation, that can help to streamline the journey and enhance customer experience.

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REPORT: AI for Risk Management

What is the future of AI in the Risk sector? AI has the potential to revolutionise risk management. So how can lenders overcome the barriers to adoption and implement controllable, explainable AI technologies? Find out more in this report.

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