Housing costs concerns hits highest levels recorded

8th September 2023 Arrears and Recoveries | #bills

Worries about housing costs have hit the highest levels ever recorded by Which?’s Consumer Insight Tracker, as interest rates are widely expected to rise further. The Insight Tracker recorded highest levels of concern around housing costs – with four in five mortgage owners (79%) and 4 in 5 renters (81%) saying that they were worried…

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Only six in ten think they will be able to cover their bills when they retire

Research carried out by Opinium on behalf of Hargreaves Lansdown has found that only 61% of people said they thought it was a realistic prospect they could cover their bills in retirement. Less than a third (29%) thought they would not need to worry about money and less than half (45%) thought it was a…

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Six in ten households are not confident they will be able to pay bills

7th October 2022 Arrears and Recoveries | #bills

Six in ten households (63%) who are not confident they will be able to pay their bills in the coming weeks have taken no steps to strengthen their finances according to Comparethemarket’s new Money Action Index. The research shows that almost two-thirds (64%) of households worried about the cost of living have found it difficult to pay…

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One in two people struggling to keep up with essential bills

A new survey by YouGov for StepChange Debt Charity finds that 45% of all British adults, equivalent to 23 million people,  have found it difficult to keep up with household bills and credit commitments in the last few months, up from 30% in October 2021 and 15% in March 2020. The figures mean the number…

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Half of households with children struggling to pay bills

2nd August 2022 Arrears and Recoveries | #bills

Latest figures fromcomparethemarket.com’s Household Financial Confidence Tracker, has found that nearly half (46%) of households with children at home, the equivalent of 3.8 million families, struggled to pay their bills over the last month, reflecting the worsening conditions for millions of families across the UK as the cost-of-living crisis deepens. Financial anxiety is highest amongst…

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Household savings fall by 71% as living costs soar

13th April 2022 Arrears and Recoveries | #bills

Household saving is expected to fall by 71% year-on-year to an average of £26 a week in the second quarter of 2022, as inflationary pressures drastically reduce families’ ability to save. A new study by Scottish Friendly and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) estimates households would need to earn an extra £80…

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One in seven people borrow to pay bills

8th March 2022 Arrears and Recoveries | #bills

Latest ONS statistics highlighting the social impacts of Coronavirus have indicated that one in seven people borrow to pay bills. The research also showed that  81% of people said their cost of living has risen over the past month. When asked how this was affecting them, 22% of people said they were spending their savings.…

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