Renting cheaper than owning a first home

28th March 2024 Consumer Lending | #renting

The monthly cost to first-time buyers of owning a home is now £1,231, -£27 lower than renting an equivalent property according to research by Halifax. The figures show that this is the smallest gap between home ownership and renting recorded since 2019. The analysis, based on the housing costs associated with a mortgage on a…

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Eight in ten tenants feel trapped in the rental cycle

Eight in ten tenants feel ‘trapped’ in the rental cycle – as ONS figures show house prices for first time buyers have risen by an average of 18 per cent in the last two years, an increase of £39,680. A study of 2,000 adults who live in a rental property found 86 per cent dream…

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Half of parents currently let their adult children live rent free

28th March 2023 Consumer Collections | #renting

New research from TopCashback has found that half of parents (52 per cent) who have children aged 18-30 living with them at home, currently let them live rent and board free. This is despite the fact that by having their adult children live with them, parents estimate it adds an extra £630 a year to…

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Homeowners nearly £500 per year better off than renters

The monthly cost of owning a home for first-time buyers is now £971, £42 (4%) lower than the cost of renting the equivalent property, according to the latest Halifax Owning vs Renting Review. The analysis, which is based on housing costs for first-time buyers with a mortgage on a three-bed home compared to the average…

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Private rental costs hit record highs 

15th July 2022 Consumer Collections | #renting

Average private rents in Britain have hit record highs, jumping by more than 20% in some areas. Data from Rightmove shows that the average advertised rent outside London is 11.8% higher than a year ago, while in the capital it is up by 15.8%. Between April and June the average advertised asking rent outside London…

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Millions of renters have no ‘safety net’ if they lose their income

16th February 2022 Consumer Collections | #renting

Millions of people renting homes have no insurance safety net in place, prompting fears that many would be unable to pay their bills if they were to fall critically ill, lose their job or the person they live with was to pass away according to new research by Scottish Widows. The research found that only 5%…

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